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Day 146: Geology Test #2 April 18, 2007

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The second of two geology tests was completed in class today.  This test covered relative and absolute aging techniques, the geologic column, fossils, the geologic timeline, continental drift, and mass extinctions.  This concludes our geology unit.  No homework is scheduled for today.

If you were absent for any reason, please schedule a time ASAP to complete the test.  All tests must be made up by the end of this week!

Tomorrow we’ll begin our unit on the weather by discussing the four essential truths of meteorology.


Day 145: Test Prep April 17, 2007

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The second of two geology unit tests is coming tomorrow – are you ready?  The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been available for a week now, listing the topics, resources, and potential test questions.  The after school study session today was packed – 49 students were present for it.  If you need additional help or have questions in the morning, the room will be open by 7:30am.  Study!!

Day 144: Mass Extinctions April 16, 2007

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extinction.jpgNational Geographic Channel presents “Naked Science:  Extinctions” was the topic of the day.  The video played in class covered the three most recent mass extinctions on the history of the Earth:  65 million years ago, 250 million years ago, and 440 million years ago.  We will discuss this video and then review for Wednesday’s test in class tomorrow.

Don’t forget:  Test review in class tomorrow and after school from 3-4pm.

Day 143: Continental Drift Puzzle April 13, 2007

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After getting the geologic timeline projects submitted for grading at the start of the hour, students then tackled a great continental drift puzzle activity. In this activity, students began by labelling several large land masses with the names of fossils that have been found on the coastlines of each land mass. The land masses were then cut out of the larger sheet of paper and rearranged them into one large land mass. Students used both the physical shapes as well as alignment of the fossil record to bring the shapes together in the large land mass that is known as Gondwana (pictured above).

TEST: Another reminder about the test and next week’s schedule. We will review in class on Tuesday as well as after school (3-4pm) on Tuesday. The test is scheduled for Wednesday, 04/18. If you will be absent for a pre-planned school trip, you need to schedule a time ASAP to take the test prior to your absense – preferably Tuesday before or after school or Wednesday morning. The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been made available for those who prefer to start preparing this weekend.

Day 123: Geology Test March 6, 2007

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Students took the test covering the Rocks and Minerals portion of the Geology unit in class today. No homework was assigned.

Tomorrow we’ll begin discussing what we know about the history of the Earth – how it is shaped and changes over time.

Also notice:  Mr. McClellan has added a page to cover the daily events of his 9th Grade World History classes.

Day 122: Lunar Eclipse Photos; Review March 5, 2007

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Saturday’s lunar eclipse was clearly visible from here in Kansas, although we only saw the second half of the event. But that was enough to be clear evidence of the event. On what should have been a full moon, half of it was shrouded by the shadow of the Earth. My photos taken from here in town are below – the same view many in Tonganoxie observed:


Click on the images above to visit my personal website (http://www.notesinthemargin.com) with more photos and larger images. Notice that that the portion of the moon that is shaded is still somewhat visible, only much dimmer and slightly orange/red in color.

Approximately an hour after the image above was taken, the moon had returned to it’s full glory:


Following the discussion of the eclipse, students worked in pairs to complete the Geology Test Study Guide. It can be downloaded and printed from home. After school, all 15 short answer questions on the back of the study guide were answered in the test study session. The test tomorrow is worth 50 points and is the last major assignment of the quarter – the last chance to boost your grade for 3rd quarter.

Day 102: Astronomy TEST February 2, 2007

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Today we took the Astronomy Test which covered everything from the History of Astronomy through the astronomy terminology, the scale of the universe, the Powers of 10 video clip, the stellar life cycle, black holes, comets, and the sun. Check out previous days on the calendar over on the right to get more information on all of those topics!

Homework: Complete your sun project by Monday! We’ll then start the next unit: Geology.


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Day 101: Test Prep February 1, 2007

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Today we studied for tomorrow’s Astronomy Test using the study guide.  We also had the chance to watch a few of the student-made Stellar Life Cycle videos which turned out great!

Don’t forget your Sun Projects are due on Monday at the start of class!  On Monday we’ll begin the geology unit.

Day 100: Why Does the Sun Shine? January 31, 2007

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The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a giagantic nuclear furnace where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees…

Today we continued constructing our models of the sun and also had a chance to listen to the song “Why Does the Sun Shine?” by They Might Be Giants (check it out on Amazon or iTunes).  The scoring page (along with the lyrics to the song) have been posted online.  The sun projects are due on Monday at the start of class.

Tomorrow we’ll organize all of the resources to be used to study for Friday’s astronomy test.  Check out the study guide for more information.

Day 79: Finals December 13, 2006

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Today periods 6, 2, 4, and 7 completed their finals on a block schedule.  The presentations that have taken place thus far have been excellent.  All grades have already been entered, so those students in periods 2, 4, 6, and 7 can view their final semester grades on PowerSchool as of this hour.

Periods 1, 3, 5, and 8 will complete their finals tomorrow.  Good luck to all students on this final day of the semester!