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Day 146: Geology Test #2 April 18, 2007

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The second of two geology tests was completed in class today.  This test covered relative and absolute aging techniques, the geologic column, fossils, the geologic timeline, continental drift, and mass extinctions.  This concludes our geology unit.  No homework is scheduled for today.

If you were absent for any reason, please schedule a time ASAP to complete the test.  All tests must be made up by the end of this week!

Tomorrow we’ll begin our unit on the weather by discussing the four essential truths of meteorology.


Day 145: Test Prep April 17, 2007

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The second of two geology unit tests is coming tomorrow – are you ready?  The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been available for a week now, listing the topics, resources, and potential test questions.  The after school study session today was packed – 49 students were present for it.  If you need additional help or have questions in the morning, the room will be open by 7:30am.  Study!!

Day 143: Continental Drift Puzzle April 13, 2007

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After getting the geologic timeline projects submitted for grading at the start of the hour, students then tackled a great continental drift puzzle activity. In this activity, students began by labelling several large land masses with the names of fossils that have been found on the coastlines of each land mass. The land masses were then cut out of the larger sheet of paper and rearranged them into one large land mass. Students used both the physical shapes as well as alignment of the fossil record to bring the shapes together in the large land mass that is known as Gondwana (pictured above).

TEST: Another reminder about the test and next week’s schedule. We will review in class on Tuesday as well as after school (3-4pm) on Tuesday. The test is scheduled for Wednesday, 04/18. If you will be absent for a pre-planned school trip, you need to schedule a time ASAP to take the test prior to your absense – preferably Tuesday before or after school or Wednesday morning. The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been made available for those who prefer to start preparing this weekend.

Day 142: Continental Drift April 12, 2007

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What evidence exists that the continents have drifted around on the globe over the past several million years? Today, we examined three main pieces of evidence: the fossil record, rock & climate records, and glaciers. All three of these objects leave significant evidence that the continents were once connected and have since drifted apart.Today’s class was largely spent completing the Continental Drift Guided Notes along with engaging and thought-provoking discussion on the topic. Tomorrow we’ll complete a continental drift puzzle activity as we close out the geology unit. Don’t forget that the Geology Test #2 is next week and the Study Guide is currently available.

Day 141: Late Start, Earthquakes April 11, 2007

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2-4th hours did not meet today, thus there was no assignment/homework.  5th, 6th, and 8th hours met as scheduled and completed an in-class activity that had them examining the methods by which scientists locate the epicenter of earthquakes.  This activity was turned in at the end of the hour.

Tomorrow we will begin the section on continental drift and plate tectonics.  We will wrap that up on Friday with a continental drift puzzle activity which will conclude the geology unit.  We will then review on Tuesday (both in class and after school from 3-4pm) and we will test out of the geology unit next Wednesday (04/18).  The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been uploaded for your convenience.

Day 140: Enrollment April 10, 2007

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Students spent most of their science class period listening to the discussion about sophomore course enrollment.  The enrollment process begins this week and all enrollment forms must be submitted no later than Tuesday, April 17th to either high school office.

The geologic timeline projects are due on Friday in class – remember to coordinate with your partner to have the timeline completed on time since it is worth 30 points!

Day 139: Geologic Timeline – Day 3 April 9, 2007

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After a long Easter weekend, students returned to work on their Geologic Timeline projects in class today.  The independent study students worked on researching their topic and taking notes in the classroom (no library time) today.

Tomorrow we will be completing sophomore class enrollment here in Science and then finish out the period with geologic timeline project work time.  Remember – the timeline is due on Friday and there will be no more work time on it after tomorrow.

Schedule Updates:

  • Author assembly tomorrow morning – report to your first our class by 7:55 for attendance prior to going to the west gym.
  • Late Start on Wednesday – all 9-12 graders should report to their regular class (for 9th graders: 4th hour) at 10:42am on Wednesday.
  • We are on track to finish the geology unit this week, thus test on it next week – either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will have an in-class and after school review the day before the test.

Day 138: Geologic Timeline – Day 2 April 5, 2007

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Constructing the physical timeline was the goal of today’s class.  We began by sketching the 4.6-meter long line on the center of the strip of paper that would represent the Earth from it’s formation to present day.  Students then began adding the eons, eras, periods, and epochs.

There is no school tomorrow (Good Friday) and when we return on Monday, we’ll continue construction of the timeline.

FYI:  We are on track to wrap up the geology unit next week and likely test on it early the following week (around the 17th or so).

Day 137: Geologic Timeline Lab – Day 1 April 4, 2007

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Constructing a Geologic Timeline that represents the full history of the Earth with any measure of detail is a daunting task.  But we undertook this task with enthusiasm (right?) in class today.  The first step was to determine the scale we’d use.  Given a 5-meter long strip of cash register tape, students determined the best scale to use was to set 1 meter to equal 1 billion years.  From there, students worked with their lab partner to calculate the distances on the timeline represented by various Eons, Eras, Periods, and Epochs.  Tomorrow we’ll begin placing these values onto the physical timeline.

All conversion calculations should be complete on pages 2 and 3 of the lab when students return to class tomorrow.

Day 136: How Big is 4.6 Billion? April 3, 2007

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After defining the Geologic Timeline in class yesterday, today’s goal was to gain a better understanding of how large of a number 4.6 billion is.  Since that is the best estimate we have of the Earth’s age, we were attempting to quantify this number to gain a better appreciation for how old that is.  We began by calculating how long it would take to count to 4.6 billion.  We then estimated how large of a stack of paper we’d have if we printed a 10,000 stars on each page and wanted to represent 4.6 billion stars.  It’d be a TALL stack!

Tomorrow we will begin the Geologic Timeline lab activity that will continue tomorrow and into early next week.  There is no homework for this evening.