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Day 167: Global Warming Alarmism May 17, 2007

Posted by Admin in Homework, Meteorology.

inconvenient.jpgThe first day of our short unit on climate change was today and we started by discussing the global warming alarmist point of view.  Students were introduced to this viewpoint by watching part of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.  If students missed the video today, they can rent it locally or even purchase the DVD.  Students were to take detailed notes during the movie so they had information to draw from for the assignment.

Students were given the handout (Alarmist or Skeptic:  Instructions for Paper) that details the 2-page paper assignment that they are to complete for next week.  In this paper, they will be detailing the evidence that is explored in both today’s video and tomrorow’s video.  They will then evaluate both sides and express their own viewpoint, supported by evidence they ahve researched.  Be sure to read that handout carefully – this paper is an in-depth project that deserves careful attention to detail.

Tomorrow we’ll watch a video explaining the viewpoint of the global warming skeptic:  The Great Global Warming Swindle.  That video is available for legal viewing free online – I’ll post links tomorrow.



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