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Day 164: Tornadoes! May 14, 2007

Posted by Admin in Meteorology.

tornado.jpg[Note:  For a larger, higher-resolution copy of the image to the right, visit meteorologynews.com].  Click the image for more info.

Also, this homework website is no longer updated – visit the new one at MyScienceHomework.com.

In wrapping up our severe weather safety unit, we covered the most sensational, devastating severe weather threat that exists in Kansas: Tornadoes. We discussed the Greensburg tornado, as well as viewed a short video clip shot by some storm chasers in Oklahoma just last week.

Today’s focus was on how tornadoes form – from the necessary ingredients of warm moist air, wind sheer, and a thunderstorm with a strong updraft. When these pieces are brought together in just the right mix, a tornado can and will develop. We then discussed some of the safety rules when it comes to taking shelter from a tornado. Tomorrow we’ll continue on tornado safety and begin work on the Severe Weather Safety tri-fold brochure project (due Friday).

The photograph to the right is a fascinating one. This picture of a tornado and lightning stroke over Lake Okeechobee was taken at about 10 PM on June 15, 1991. The photograph was taken by Mr. Fred Smith. If it hadn’t been for the Lightning at the same time as the pic was shot, you would never have seen the massive tornado funnel already on the ground. When you hear a nighttime tornado warning for your area, take cover because most of the time you will never see it coming.



1. Tori Desso - October 24, 2007

Awesome picture! It’s now my background! I wish I could see a tornado in real life but I’ve only been in a hurricane…poor me D:
Send me some pictures! Please and Thank you.

2. captandrew - November 13, 2007

very interesting tornado

3. NARAYAN.N - November 19, 2007

it is very much amazing …. very good information which is very useful….. for getting information

4. Tayla lea - November 19, 2007

send me some pics they are awsome and i could use them for my grade 8. science project


5. Rachel Madison - November 21, 2007

That is the coolest picture ever!! Eccept for the fire tornado picture, that one was a bit cooler, only because I have never seen something like that before. It is really cool because it looks just like the tornado that I saw when I was in school one day, but when I saw that one I wa s freaking out!! Plus the one I saw when i was at school didnt have a HUGE LIGHTNING STRIKE by it.!

Sincerely, Rachel.M.
p.s.-send me some more please!

6. toy tiaunna - November 23, 2007

omg this is amazing, i think this was a pretty bad experience for those who had to endure it but just looking at it’s pretty freaking amazing!!! i give serious props to who ever took this picture…

7. beaner - November 30, 2007

this picture is awsome especually the lightning i would haet to live there

8. katie - December 1, 2007

tornado’s are scarry

9. cassidy - December 7, 2007

i think tornados are very very scary and i think it is cool

10. Teresa - December 9, 2007

Dang man, thats scary I would never live some where there would be tornadoes hecks no I ain’t puting my life in jeodray.But thats scary.Really it is

11. lilly pad - December 20, 2007

wow that tornado is awesome. but it’s so sad for the people who had to go through that .i feel sooooo bad for them !!!!!! heyyyy but i have to admit,that tarnado looks pretty cool. download more pics so my bffn (best friends fof now) write comments!!!!! that would be great for your sight

12. rydge - December 22, 2007

was it scary? i would love to see a tornado we only get wirly winds out here in NW NSW.

13. Shayla - January 9, 2008

I just watched a movie called, Night Of The Twisters. Twisters or tornadoes can be really scary.

14. joey - January 17, 2008

this is propasterous!

15. JUDY LOVELY - January 29, 2008


16. bailey schwankhaus & nicole lewis - February 1, 2008

We wonder how big the biggest tornadoe was?

17. Cody Goin - February 2, 2008

I love this picture man i cannot wait to become a storm chaser. I would chase Tornados whenever i got the chance.

18. taylor - February 25, 2008


19. kajalo - March 3, 2008

i love this picture because it just goes zap here i am

20. person - March 4, 2008

Tornadoes are scary and cool at the same time.That in itself is cool, even though the aftermath is not cool at all.

21. robbie - March 6, 2008

sick tornado i hav to do a project on them this year

22. marissa - March 6, 2008

looking at this picture, i wonder if it is a f3 or f4. i guess you cant really tell unless you know how much it eats. very kewl picture

23. sexy - March 12, 2008

this rocks its so romantic

24. Tannah - March 17, 2008

WOW! That picture is awesome! I love the lightning. But I would never be stupid enough to go out and TAKE PICTURES during a tornado! you have to be a maniac to do that….

25. balal - March 18, 2008

ineed help ontornadoes

26. Simon Raine - March 28, 2008

What a collection of idiots you all are. This has been doctored on a computer program called Photoshop. And look at the “photographers” name!!!! ‘Fred Smith’. Ha ha. I mean really… are you lot thick or what?

27. marlene - April 7, 2008

is all that true?

28. Scarlett - April 9, 2008

Cool tornado. I wish I could see one. But I dont think I will because I live in England. Im facinated by them. Their my most favourite storm.

29. RAYNA - April 9, 2008


30. landre - April 10, 2008


31. masre - April 10, 2008

i would love to intercept that

32. mr.man - April 12, 2008

I love looking at tornado pic and reseaching them but i’am afriad of them

33. mr.man Apirl 12,2008 - April 12, 2008

i love looking at pics of torndos and researching them but thats because i’ve been in about 10 of them

34. mason - April 15, 2008

it was an F3 ive been in it.

35. averie - April 29, 2008

waoh bby this pic is horrific its so scary if you were in my situation you would never want to see a tornadoe again take that for a tip

36. Kelly Dyal - May 5, 2008

I thinkit iz rele cul we jus watch tornadoes in class n da othea dy 2

37. Katia Vazquez - May 14, 2008

I love tornadoes! They look cool but I dont want ot be in one!!

38. Ryan - October 17, 2008

i dunno if anyone is ginna pay attention to this entry anymore but that picture is also from hurricane ike, and also froim greensburg, according to the man who doctored it. it’s pretty obvious its a fake, but if you didnt know and anyone check down eher i thought i’d let u all kno.

39. chad - December 8, 2008

i heard about this tornado, its famous because it was a F5 and destroyed almost more than 90 pecent of greensburg kansas. I mean the whole town was practically demolished.

40. chad - December 8, 2008

never mind this isn’t the greensburg tornado i miss read the description -_- (my bad)

41. joe - December 8, 2008

how many people does a tornado kill a year

42. sadie - December 10, 2008

this is awsome but sad

43. brianna - December 11, 2008

woooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never live throu that who ever took tha pic is awsomely awsome.I scared to deeeeeth of tornados.hopefully no one got hurt.

44. Jenna Kokory - December 16, 2008

i hate tornadoes. tornadoes are scary. you are craazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45. michelle wampole - December 16, 2008

I don’t like TORNADOES! There are the bad to very one

46. unknown - December 17, 2008

L wnat to see a real tornado in Iran!!

47. Mccain - December 18, 2008

I think torandos are vilent

48. laura andrews - December 29, 2008

tornadoes r freaky and sad for the people who had to go through all of that!

49. KENZLEE SIMS - January 4, 2009


50. emily - January 6, 2009

this is so cool ………………….
how do u get the pics

51. ruby - January 7, 2009

this picture is of the hook

52. seemorebutts - February 11, 2009

so cuil i want to see one like that in calfornia

53. lola henderson - March 22, 2009

thats kind of scary i would run for my life if a tornado come to rubery but luckily they only happen in texas and all those countrys but honestly that would be scary! ( cool pic though )

54. lola henderson - March 22, 2009

thats kind of scary i would run for my life if a tornado come to rubery but luckily they only happen in texas and all those countrys but honestly that would be scary! ( cool pic though ) how do you get them ?

55. Alyssa - March 23, 2009

Can check out that link. This photo is not a fake, it was actually taken in Okeechobee, FL. It was a waterspout and as far as I know didn’t kill any people. There were a number of people who used this photo in later years and claimed it as theirs or combined it with other photos. Those later photos are fake, this one is not. If it was, like the author said, you would have never seen this waterspout at night, it was too dark.

56. Kimberly - April 10, 2009


57. lindsey - May 26, 2009

ive never been in a tornado wats it like

58. Paul - June 21, 2009

You really wouldn’t want to see a tornado form most especially if you own a house. Some might think it’s a spectacle to watch but it does significant lost of damage and life. I’d rather see them on movies and other videos not on where I live at.

Paul-IA, USA

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