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Day 157: Air Masses May 3, 2007

Posted by Admin in Meteorology.


After completing discussions of temperature and heat last week, followed by moisture and humidity earlier this week, we combined these concepts into a discussion about air masses in class today. We labeled air masses as being either warm or cold, moist or dry.When these characteristics are fused, we end up with a total of four possible combinations:

  • Maritime tropical (mT): Moist, Warm
  • Continental tropical (cT): Dry, Warm
  • Maritime polar (mP): Moist, Cold
  • Continental polar (cP): Dry, Cold

We then discussed where each of these air masses would originate and how they’d move into Kansas. Be prepared to see a map of North America on a quiz or a test on which you will need to label the areas of origin for each of the four air masses described above. Also – bring that page back tomorrow so we can disect Fronts.

Image source:  http://www.met.tamu.edu/class/Metr304/



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