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Day 149: Diagram Work Time April 23, 2007

Posted by Admin in Homework, Meteorology.

atmosphere.gifStudents used Monday’s class time to complete work on their Layers of the Atmosphere diagram.  Only after completing the notes, each student will get a piece of paper to complete the project.  The project should be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″.

Remember, for the full 20 points, you must incorporate:

  1. Names and definitions of each layer
  2. Two unique characteristics of each layer
  3. The temperature and pressure profiles of each layer
  4. Quality and creativity

Due:  Wednesday at the start of class.

Next up:  Lab on how heat from the sun influences the Earth’s atmosphere by causing the wind to blow!  Quiz on all of our introductory meteorology material on Friday.



1. Mario A. Cepeda - June 20, 2009

Amazing. I am doing a study on the ancient Mexicans/Aztec/Mayans who believed in 8 or 9 underworlds (my interpretation: layers of earth, which is true) and 13 heavens (which includes the five layers of atmosphere, plus 6th for including our solar system, then our solar system within galaxy would be 7th, then galaxy within stream of galaxies headed to so called “big crunch”, but probably centered around a universal massive nucleus of sorts (8th), etc. I am still doing research, so there might be more layers I am leaving out intermixed in these. I want to believe that these so called gods were actually scientific computations of actual scientific studies probably done when the Popol Vuh mentions in the 2nd or 3rd world, that their own technology turned on them for having no heart and being cruel to their surroundings, using things without regard for “bigger picture” stuff. Mentioned is the fact that their technology spoke to them, as did some of their animals, cursing them. Who knows? Sounds all too interesting to pass up, as far as I am concerned. Those people eventually were transformed into apes as a sign to the following world on what not to do, although their dna is still with us today.

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