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Day 143: Continental Drift Puzzle April 13, 2007

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After getting the geologic timeline projects submitted for grading at the start of the hour, students then tackled a great continental drift puzzle activity. In this activity, students began by labelling several large land masses with the names of fossils that have been found on the coastlines of each land mass. The land masses were then cut out of the larger sheet of paper and rearranged them into one large land mass. Students used both the physical shapes as well as alignment of the fossil record to bring the shapes together in the large land mass that is known as Gondwana (pictured above).

TEST: Another reminder about the test and next week’s schedule. We will review in class on Tuesday as well as after school (3-4pm) on Tuesday. The test is scheduled for Wednesday, 04/18. If you will be absent for a pre-planned school trip, you need to schedule a time ASAP to take the test prior to your absense – preferably Tuesday before or after school or Wednesday morning. The Geology Test #2 Study Guide has been made available for those who prefer to start preparing this weekend.



1. joseph - January 22, 2008

how does plate tectonics work?

2. Batman - July 28, 2008

By God putting all the peices together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

3. daisy - September 15, 2008

why do volcanoes and earthquakes occur?

4. bartolome - October 30, 2008

wow its unbelivable!!!!!
^_^ ™

5. LB - November 24, 2008

what about the other continents? and wouldn’t they be slightly differently shaped to what they are now?…

6. sam - January 9, 2009

what about them? why would the thats the way the techtonic plates moved and formed those shapes as of the continents now, that we see today on a world map. don’t you people pay attention to sciece? i’m only in 6th grade ad i know all of this! and by the way, you people know Alfred Wegner, the scientist that discovered the theory of continental drift, or as known, Pangaea.

7. olutayo - February 18, 2009

what can you people suggest would become of this CONTINENT in the next maybe 120million years to come.

8. ania - February 21, 2009


9. Rachel Weber - March 31, 2009

I need to make a Continental Drift Puzzle,and I don’t know how to. Can you help? =/

10. boredom - June 23, 2009

this picture doesn’t show all the continents…=.=”
so sad…

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