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Day 127: Relative Aging March 12, 2007

Posted by Admin in General Announcements, Homework.

After finishing section 3.1 on The Earth’s Story last week, students turned in their Geology Debate Posters at the start of class today.  They they recorded guided notes on the definitions and applications surrounding Relative Aging.  Tomorrow evening, a full copy of the in-class notes will be made available on this page.  We will conclude the notes in class tomorrow and then begin solving some “relative aging puzzles” in class together on Wednesday.

Following today’s lesson, students reviewed the test from last week.  Additionally, final Q3 grades were posted.

A Note on Late Work:  Effective today, the original late work policy (as stated on Day 1 of class) will be enforced:  turning work in on time will allow for full credit.  Turning work in one day late will receieve a 25% reduction.  Work turned in 2 days late will receieve a 50% reduction and no work is accepted beyond 2 days late.  As a 9th grade team, we feel maintaining high expectations is essential for continued success as our students continue this transition into high school.

Don’t forget about Parent-Teacher conferences on Wednesday evening (5-8pm) and Thursday (8am-11am, 12pm-4pm, 5-8pm.



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