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Day 121: Quiz and Lunar Eclipse March 2, 2007

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lunareclipse.jpgBefore completing an electronic vote quiz on Rock Types today (grades will be entered over the weekend), we discussed the upcoming lunar eclipse that is slated for tomorrow (Saturday) evening. While the morning will likely be cloudy, if we are lucky, the clouds will clear by the late afternoon or early evening and afford us a great view of this rare event. The last lunar eclipse in this area was November of 2004. While we will not be able to observe “totality” from our area, we will still very clearly be within the region capable of viewing this great event. As the moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth, the moon will slowly shift from its normal bright white glow to a light orange and finally to a crimson red shade (as shown in the photo from 2004 above). As the moon slips back out from beneath the Earth’s shadow, it will return to white.

Read much more on this upcoming eclipse via Nasa:

In the USA, the eclipse will already be underway when the moon rises on Saturday evening. Observing tip: Find a place with a clear view of the eastern horizon and station yourself there at sunset. As the sun goes down behind you, a red moon will rise before your eyes.

Rising moons are often reddened by clouds or pollution, but this moon will be the deep, extraordinary red only seen during a lunar eclipse. As you watch it ascend into the night, imagine what it would be like to stand by Shackleton Crater watching from the opposite direction.

If we are fortunate enough to experience clear skies, I will post some photographs of tomorrow’s eclipse on this page.  Email me your photos and I’d love to post them to the page and show them in class as well!  Read more on lunar eclipses via these links:



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