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Day 118: Sedimentary Rocks February 27, 2007

Posted by Admin in Geology, Homework.

Continuing through the three rock families, today we took guided notes on the Sedimentary Rocks Guide.  If you were absent or missed any of the notes while in class, you can download and print the Sedimentary Rocks Notes.

Key Points:

  • Sedimentary rocks are made of sediment (from any rock type) that is compressed and cemented together.
  • Rock > Weathering > Sediment > Erosion > Deposition > Compression & Cementation > Sedimentary Rock
  • Sedimentary rocks can be clastic (other rocks cemented together), chemical (formed from solutions dissolved in water), or organic (composed of remains of organisms).

Homework:  read section 2.4:  Metamorphic Rocks for tomorrow.
Next up:  Our last guided notes unit for Chapter 2:  Metamorphic Rocks.  We’ll follow up with a quiz on Thursday.

Remember:  All late/missing work due for this quarter no later than March 8th.  Also, our text over minerals and rocks will be next week.



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