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Day 117: Igneous Rock ID Lab February 26, 2007

Posted by Admin in Geology, Homework.

After finishing up the Igneous Rocks Guided Notes, students worked in pairs to complete the igneous rock ID lab.  This lab was quick – only about 10 minutes – and required an understanding of the texture (fine- or coarse-grained) and composition (felsic or mafic) as well as the extrusive/intrusive properties of each rock specimen.  Anyone who missed today’s lab must make it up no later than Friday to receive credit.

Tomorrow we will continue the rock unit with Sedimentary rocks.  Tonight’s homework:  Read section 2.3 on Sedimentary Rocks in preparation for tomorrow’s discussion.

A couple of important upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, 03/01:  Rock Types quiz (covering Chapter 2)
  • Wednesday, 03/07:  Geology Test #1 (covering Minerals and Rocks – this may be moved one day up or back)
  • Thursday, 03/08:  All late/missing work for this (3rd) quarter due in all core classes – no exceptions!
  • Friday, 03/09:  End of Quarter
  • Wed-Thurs, 03/14-15:  Parent-Teacher Conferences


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