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Day 116: Igneous Rocks February 23, 2007

Posted by Admin in Geology.

Rocks formed from the cooling and solidification of lava or magma are known as igneous rocks.  Students recorded the notes in the Igneous Rock Guide.  For those who missed the in-class notes, read the Igneous Rocks Notes.  Today we discussed the definition in detail, as well as the three important processes involved in the melting of a rock:  temperature, pressure, and composition.  We also covered the texture (coarse- and fine-grained) and composition (felsic and mafic) of igenous rocks.

Following the guided notes work, students worked in pairs to read and discuss an interesting article on the use of obsidian to make surgical scalpels.  Students then had class time to write up four questions (two multiple choice questions – each with four options, and two short-answer questions) concerning the “Glass Scalpels” article found on page 53 of the geology text.  The questions were due at the end of the hour.

Monday we will continue our work on igneous rocks by completing the guided notes (where do they form?) and then tacklign the Igneous Rocks Identification Lab.



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