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Day 108: Mineral Characteristics – Day 1 February 12, 2007

Posted by Admin in Geology.

What are some characteristics of minerals that can be used to identify them?  If someone said “who is Joe Smith – that student that is a junior here in Tonganoxe?” and I responded with “He’s the one with brown hair,” would that be a good response?  No!  Because it is too general.  When we say “identifying characteristics” of minerals, we are talking about a set of characteristics which, when taken in their entirety, can be used to classify and identify minerals.

We began the week with the first four characteristics:  color, streak, luster, and breakage.  There was no homework assigned today.  If you did not get the notes in class today, be sure to get them from a classmate.  Tomorrow we’ll continue with hardness, density, and other special properties.  After taking a day to learn about how to classify objects into identifiable categories, we’ll then take a stab at identifying mineral samples using a dichotomous key.



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