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Day 105: Formation of the Earth February 7, 2007

Posted by Admin in Geology, Homework.

Notes on the formation of the Earth and why it has layers was the main topic of the day.  We discussed in detail why the Earth has layers even though it didn’t when it first formed (key:  density dragged the heavier stuff toward the center…) and which layers are solid and which are liquid.

After discussing those notes, the assignment for Monday was introduced.  Students are to write a story on what a trip to the center of the Earth would be like.  Keeping in mind that we have no way to do this as of today, students will write a part-fiction, part science story.  The fiction will be the “how will I travel to the core?” and the science part (backed by facts from the book and other sources) will detail the conditions that will be encountered as one travels from the surface inward.  Details in the story should discuss the properties of each layer of the Earth with scientific terms and information backed up from the textbook.  Other sources may be used such as online research, but if any other such information is used, it must be cited properly.  The lack of citations of other referenced material constitutes plagirism and will earn a zero.



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