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Day 103: If We Had No Moon February 5, 2007

Posted by Admin in Astronomy.

What would life on Earth be like if we had no moon? Actually, we wouldn’t even know what it’d be like, since life would likely not exist in any form we’re familiar with! After completing the astronomy unit with a test on Friday, today’s classes viewed the Discovery Channel DVD “If We Had No Moon“.

Along with a great critical analysis of the Moon’s influence on life on Earth, the DVD also contained a great computer animation of the current theory on the formation of the moon. You can watch that portion of the video online by clicking “Watch a Video Clip!” on this page.

Students completed the “If We Had No Moon” worksheet that accompanied the video during class today and all worksheets were due at the end of the class period. We’ll discuss this video more in class tomorrow as we shift gears into the geology unit.


For some more cool moon stuff, check out this new NASA article about 181 Things To Do On the Moon:

February 2, 2007: If you woke up tomorrow morning and found yourself on the moon, what would you do? NASA has just released a list of 181 good ideas.

Ever since the end of the Apollo program, “folks around the world have been thinking about returning to the moon, and what they would like to do there,” says Jeff Volosin, strategy development lead for NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. Now, NASA is going back; the agency plans to send astronauts to the Moon no later than 2020. “So we consulted more than 1,000 people from businesses, academia and 13 international space agencies to come up with a master list of 181 potential lunar objectives.”



1. Cecilia - February 11, 2009

i thought the dvd was amazing, and I’m a fourteen year old!! It was amazing to see how different everything was, and what the world probably looked like right after the impact. And seeing how close the moon was, wow! Then the predictions for what the earth will look like after the moon is completely out of orbit. I just think its amazing how all this can figured out.

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