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Day 99: Sun Model Project January 30, 2007

Posted by Admin in Astronomy, Homework.

Today we began work on constructing models of the sun. This independent project (every student will complete their own model) can take on many forms: a labeled drawing on regular white paper, a layered diagram constructed out of construction paper, a three-dimensional model made from styrofoam or cardboard, a folding flip-book of layers, etc…

So while the format is up to you, the requirements for the project are the same regardless of form: You must include all 6 layers of the sun (In order from the center: core, radiative zone, convective zone, photosphere, chromosphere, and corona) and the three surface features: solar flare, sunspot, and prominence. I have uploaded a copy of the full directions and scorecard. We will work on these projects in class again tomorrow and these projects are due on Monday, 02/05/07 for 15 points.

Thursday we will review for the test. The test has been moved from Thursday to Friday. With that, the after school review session has also been moved – from Wednesday to Thursday (3:05pm – 4:00pm). Study guides are available in class or available here for download.



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