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Day 95: Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws January 24, 2007

Posted by Admin in Astronomy.

How are pressure, temperature and volume all related?  Today we discussed Boyle’s law (at a constant temperature, pressure is inversely related to volume) and Charles’ law (at a constant pressure, volume is directly proportional to temperature).

The collapsing pop can was our demonstration that we explored as a practical example of Charles’ Law.  After heating a small amount of water in the bottom of the can, we dunked the can into cold water.  Why did the can collapse?  In what way is this a demonstration of Charle’s law?  Those were the questions that we answered today and that you should be able to answer on next week’s test!

Next up:  The planets and the sun.  We’ll conclude our Astronomy unit next week.  Don’t forget:  Stellar Life Cycle Project (See days 93 and 94) are due on Monday, 01/29 and no late passes are accepted!



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