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Day 94: Stellar Life Cycle Projects – Day 2 January 23, 2007

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Our sun is just an average star – not too big, not too small. When compared to the size of some other well-known stars in our universe, our sun is pretty darn small! Today we viewed and discussed a very brief (1 min, 30 second) video clip comparing the size of our planets and several other stars in our solar system. You can view the video yourself below:

Homework for tonight: Write a one paragraph response to the video. Your response can include questions you have about the video that were not answered in class. As an extra point opportunity (1 extra point on the upcoming test!): Calculate (show all work) how many suns would fit inside the largest star (W Cephei) from the video. I’m not just asking how many would fit across in a row, but how many would fill the entire star. Hint: The numbers shown in the video are the diameter of the respective object.

After discussing the expectations for the Stellar Life Cycle projects yesterday, students continued working to complete these projects in class today. These projects are due on Monday, 01/29/07.

A few upcoming important dates:

  • Monday, 01/29: Stellar Life Cycle Projects due
  • Wednesday, 01/31: Review in class and after school
  • Thursday, 02/01: Astronomy Test
  • Friday, 02/09/07: PRIDE Trip to PowerPlay


1. Planet and Star Size Comparison « Ancora Imparo - January 29, 2007

[…] Filed under: science, art, astronomy, visualization — Darmok @ 06:10 UTC Via THS Earth/Space Science (a weblog for a 9th-grade science class), I came across this neat animation comparing the relative […]

2. David Lozier - February 22, 2007

You left out Uranus…

3. Jack - March 22, 2008

You left out Uranus – and VV Cephei A isn’t the biggest star, VY Canis Majoris in the constellation Canis Major is. It’s three hundred suns bigger than VV Cephei A. A poor video, not detailed – I would say.

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