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Day 91: Stellar Life Cycle, Day 2 January 18, 2007

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How do stars die?  That was the big question today as we completed the notes and discussion on the Stellar Life Cycle – Part II. Included in this second half of the stellar life cycle are the phases of the White Dwarf, Supernova, Neutron Star, and Black Hole.  Keep your notes – we’ll be using these in a project that we’ll begin on Monday.  First though, we must more thoroughly explain/discuss the implications of Black Holes.  To accomplish this, we’ll view a portion of a video (NOVA:  The Monster of the Milky Way) tomorrow.

Have you seen the photographs of Comet McNaught snapped from the Southern Hemisphere?  As promised, McNaught is much brighter as seen from the Southern Hemisphere than it was when it was located in our viewing range.  The photographs will likely get even more spectacular in coming days.  Check out Page 11 in particular of the SpaceWeather.com Comet McNaught Gallery for some incredible snapshots!  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check out the write-up that our very own Tonganoxie Mirror has done regarding our studying of Comet McNaught.



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