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Day 89: Expansion of the Universe Lab January 16, 2007

Posted by Admin in Astronomy.

Following a brief discussion of the disappearance of Comet McNaught, we focused back to the Big Bang today by discussing the evidence that supports this theory.  The observable expansion of the universe is ongoing even to this day.  As a model for the ever-expanding universe, we completed a lab with balloons.  The balloons were labled with dots representing galaxies.  When we blew up the ballons, the expansion of the universe was simulated.  We then explored which galaxies moved away from us the fastest (those that are the farthest away to begin with!)

Next up:  Now that we know how the universe began, what came next?  To answer this, we will be discussing the life cycle of stars and completing a project based on this Stellar Life Cycle.  The complete lab (including discussion questions) are due at the start of class tomorrow (Wednesday).



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