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Day 87: Scale & Comet McNaught January 11, 2007

Posted by Admin in Astronomy, Science in the News.

Another day spent working on the Scale of the Universe along with discussion and photograph viewing of Comet McNaught. Several dozen students have been able to view the comet over the last few nights which is wonderful, considering this may end up being the brightest comet in our lifetimes!

Although I thought it would be cloudy this evening, it appears now that we may have a fifth night in a row of good comet viewing! Look back to Days 84 and 85 to see more information on how to track/find/photograph Comet McNaught! Also, view this page for more photographs and discussion.

Tomorrow (Friday) we will be wrapping up our work with the Scale of the Universe by taking a quiz. Be sure to bring your scale to class with you as the quiz will be virtually impossible without it!

In the longer term: Next week we’ll be discussing the current scientific theories on the origins of the universe; namely, the big bang. We will complete a lab and then we will start working on gaining a better understanding of the life cycle of stars, detailing their stages of life from birth to death. We will then discuss our sun and planets for a couple of weeks before moving into Geology next month. It is looking as though we’ll likely have a test in about two weeks (around January 25th or so).



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