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Day 76: History of Astronomy, Day 1 December 8, 2006

Posted by Admin in Astronomy, Homework, Test.

After turning in the constellation projects and yesterday’s light pollution worksheet, we began discussing the final semester project.  This project will count as 30 test points, thus having the ability to significantly change overall quarter and semester grades.

The project will consist of three days of preparation and one day of presentations.  The schedule looks like this:

  • Today (12/08):  Research assigned topic, take notes
  • Monday (12/11):  Complete research, begin poster or PowerPoint construction
  • Tuesday (12/12):  Complete presentation construction, rehearse presentation
  • Wednesday – Thursday (12/13, 12/14):  Present to the class

I have uploaded a copy of the complete History of Astronomy Project Directions as well as the History of Astronomy Scoring Rubric.  These pages spell out all of the necessary components of the project.

Students should seek out additional astronomy resources over the weekend:  books, magazines, online resources, etc… and include those in their research notes.  All students should return to class on Monday prepared to begin the construction of their poster with their partner.

Note:  ALL work for first semester is due no later than Tuesday, 12/12/06



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