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Day 75: Light Pollution December 7, 2006

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World Map of Light

Enhanced world map demonstrating intensity of light pollution. Click image for full size and credits.

Why is it easier to see the night sky from out in the country versus in town? City lights that are designed to create safer, more well-lit communities also have a drawback: they pollute the night sky. This pollution has implications beyond astronomers: they can disrupt bird migration patterns, waste energy, and have other detrimental effects.

After reading one of the three articles (see links below), students completed the front of the worksheet analyzing Light Pollution solo and then collaborated to complete the back of the page listing pros and cons of “brighter nights”. The Light Pollution Worksheet (front and back) is due tomorrow (Friday).


  1. Blinded by the Light
  2. Light Pollution Summary
  3. Ontario Light Pollution Fact Sheet


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