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12/04/06 Schedule Update December 2, 2006

Posted by Admin in Astronomy, General Announcements, Quiz, Test.

So how was the long weekend for everyone?  Here’s to everyone coming back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the last 9 days of the semester head-on!

With the last nine days of the semester, we will tackle more work on how to use sky maps, how telescopes work, and then begin talking about the history of astronomy.  At the end of the upcoming week, we will begin working on a project that will be your final assessment (Test) grade of the semester.  It is a class presentation that will be worth a total of 30 test points.  Plan on spending a good amount of time researching and completing work for this presentation over the coming weekend.

Important Finals Reminder:  Don’t forget:  If you do not attend school on the last two days of the semester (Wednesday and Thursday, 12/13 and 12/14), any finals that you miss will need to be made up on Tuesday, January 2nd (the day before school resumes).  Any finals that are not made up will go down as a zero in the gradebook.   This goes for all courses – not just science!

End-of-semester Schedule:

  • Monday (12/04):  Tools of Astronomy Notes
  • Tuesday (12/05):  Personal Constellation Project (Due Fri)
  • Wednesday (12/06): (Late Start) Light Pollution
  • Thursday (12/07):  Quiz; Astrolabe Lab
  • Friday (12/08):  History of Astronomy Research Project
  • Monday (12/11):  History of Astronomy Poster Work Time
  • Tuesday (12/12):  History of Astronomy Project Completion/Rehearsal
  • Wed-Thurs (12/13-14):  (Block Schedule) Astronomy Presentations


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