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Day 68: Constellations – Day 1 November 28, 2006

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Orion and the Big Dipper were the first two constellations students became familiar with as we began a several-day unit on constellations today. We started by defining a constellation (a region of the sky containing a recognizable star pattern) before exploring some well-known constellations and the stories behind them.

We will view more examples each day for several days and a current sky map will also be made available to students to view these constellations from home. Since we are not likely to have any clear nights early this week (until Thursday or Friday at least) then it will be a while before we can view these outdoors which gives us several days to get accustomed to how to read sky maps. Sky maps and constellations will continue to be the focus for the next several days.

Following discussion of the constellations, students worked in pairs to get more acquainted with the red Astronomy textbook by completing the Astronomy Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt is due Thursday. For students that didn’t have time in class, they’ll have a little bit of time in class tomorrow and then after school time…and can check out a book to take home tomorrow evening if necessary.

Important upcoming dates for science:

  • Thursday (11/30): Astronomy Scavenger Hunt due.
  • Friday (12/01): Current Events article write-up (see Day 67).
  • Tuesday (12/12): DEADLINE for all work due for first semester.

Orion image source: http://members.aol.com/Artstellar/orion.jpg



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