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Day 59: Radium Dials Project November 10, 2006

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Image showing a radium watch dial on the right and a second image on the left showing the areas of the watch that are the most radioactive (dark shading). Image source

Today we began the “Radium Dials” project. This project started with research from the Radium Dials Reading handout that focused on the Radium Girls of the early 20th century. This handout should be used to write at least one full page (double sided, or two single-sided pages) of notes on the topic. While you are working on the notes, keep in mind which type of project you’d like to do. You can read about the full details for each project type on the Radium Dials Projects List.

If there are other project types that you would like to complete instead of the five I have listed (such as a persuasive speech or a PowerPoint presentation), run the idea past me and I am likely to approve it. If you would like, I’d also like to set aside some class time for you to present the project to the class. Note you must get prior approval before straying from the 5 listed projects though.

Below are some links to some examples of each type of project.

More links to information about the Radium Girls:



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