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Day 55: Isotopes Post-Lab, Quiz November 6, 2006

Posted by Admin in Chemistry.

Today started out by stamping and collecting the Isotopes Post-Lab.  In some morning classes, only 30-40% of students had the homework complete.  Many students openly admitted the assignment only took 5-10 minutes, yet a majority failed to complete it on time.  This completion rate is not acceptable.  Students must recognize that late work is penalized and not all of those points can be regained with later work.  There was no homework assigned for science tonight.

After discussing the  isotopes post-lab, we completed a 5-point egg quiz with scores to be uploaded to PowerSchool later this week.  Speaking of grades:  All grades were updated over the weekend with several new scores being added from last week’s work.

This week’s schedule will see us still focusing on isotopes, but this time analyzing radioactive decay via a lab and week-ending project.  The schedule for the week looks like this:

  • Monday (11/06):  Isotopes Post-lab, Egg quiz
  • Tuesday (11/07):  Radioactive Decay Terminology
  • Wednesday (11/08):  Radioactive Decay Lab
  • Thursday (11/09):  Post-Lab analysis; “Radium Girls” research
  • Friday (11/10):  Radium watchdials project

Next week we will finish the chemistry unit and segeue into Astronomy.  Before leaving for Thanksgiving break, we will take our next test around Tuesday, 11/21.



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