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Day 50: Balancing Equations, Part II October 30, 2006

Posted by Admin in Chemistry, Test.

After taking a few minutes to finish the homework on Balancing Chemical Equations, we swapped papers and corrected it in class.  Following the correcting, we completed an egg quiz with the interactive remotes – grades will show up later this week.

Last week’s chemistry tests have been graded and entered into PowerSchool.  Later this week, I’ll post a breakdown of the grades, but suffice it to say that many people clearly struggled on this test.  If you have any questions/concerns about your test or overall grade, please some and see me ASAP.  Now (early in the quarter) is a great time to make sure you stay on track (versus scrambling in December!).  Call (913-845-2627, x3027), email (jgontesky@mail.tong464.k12.ks.us), or stop by!

The schedule for this week is as follows:

  • Monday (10/30):  Balancing Equations with quiz
  • Tuesday (10/31):  PRIDE Trip, make-up work day
  • Wednesday (11/01):  Isotopes – Definitions and Pre-Lab
  • Thursday (11/02):  Isotopes Lab
  • Friday (11/03):  Isotopes Post-Lab, Calculating Atomic Mass w/ quiz

Next week will be our last week of Chemistry before moving on into Astromony later in November…just in time for the dry, crisp, cool nights that are best for star gazing!



1. zapple - October 31, 2006

Hi, I’m Apple. I’m a student in S’pore. Could I do your worksheets as well?

2. zapple - October 31, 2006

hope to hear from you soon ^_^

3. Mr. Gontesky - October 31, 2006

You are more than welcome to do the worksheets and make use of the other assignments posted on this page. Let me know what yout think (click “contact me” tab for my email address).

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