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Day 45: New Element Discovered! October 23, 2006

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Today we focused more on Ionic and Covalent bonds by continuing work on the Venn Diagram assignment given last week. In preparation for the upcoming test, we’ll spend time reviewing this week in class and after school. The after school study session will be on Wednesday from 3:15-4pm.

The rest of the schedule for this week looks like this:

  • Monday (10/23): Venn Diagram work time
  • Tuesday (10/24): Chemistry Review and informal Quiz
  • Wednesday (10/25): Review for test in class and after school
  • Thursday (10/26): TEST
  • Friday (10/27): Balancing chemical equations

Upcoming Due dates:

  • Venn diagram due Wednesday
  • Current Event write-up due Friday

Following the work on the Venn diagram, we read and discussed a current event article on a new element discovered recently. The write-up (following the 5-W format) is due in class on Friday (see bottom of post for more information on the assignment).

National Geographic Magazine is reporting this week that a new element has been discovered. Element 118 (meaning it has 118 protons in the nucleus) was recently created in a lab in Russia:

The heaviest naturally occurring element is uranium, which has 92 protons. Its most common form, or isotope, has 146 neutrons. Scientists have also artificially created most of the other elements between uranium and element 118.

New Element

The image above is an artist’s conception of the new element:

An artist’s conception shows calcium ions being flung at high velocity toward a rotating target of the artificial element californium. Scientists say they have created a new element after billions upon billions of such experiments – element 118, the heaviest element yet discovered. Image courtesy of Sabrina Fletcher and Thomas Tegge/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

For friday, be sure to complete your “Who, What, When, Where, Why” 5 paragraph write-up about the National Geographic article. If you forgot your paper copy of the article, you can find it online here.



1. extrapolater - October 24, 2006

And, if you need a break for new-element-based humor:

new element news item

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