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Day 39: “M is for Mass” October 11, 2006

Posted by Admin in Chemistry, Homework, Video.

Before completing the periodic table quiz during the second half of class, students watched the 20-minute video clip “M is for Mass” from the NOVA program “Einstein’s Big Idea”. In investigating the Law of Conservation of Mass, this video displays many of the experiments that Antoine Lavoisier completed, as well as his contributions to Einsein’s “E=mc2” equation.

Your homework from this video (Due Thursday): Write a one-paragraph reflection on the experiments Lavoisier completed to demonstrate his Law of Conservation of Mass. Also, the History of the Periodic Table Timelines are due Thursday (tomorrow) as well!

The website for the NOVA program “Einstein’s Big Idea” has much more information about the entire video, including some cool interactive demos of the ideas discussed in the video.



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